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Comprehensive Therapy Services

Macon Psychiatry offers therapy services to patients suffering from a variety of mental illnesses and addictions. You can expect treatment without judgment, and our entire staff will treat you with compassion. From your initial evaluation to managing your comprehensive therapy treatment plan, you can trust Dr. Deepti Bhasin to focus on your needs and put your best interest at heart.

Dr. Bhasin is a triple board-certified psychiatrist (adult, forensic, child and adolescent) that will create an individualized therapy treatment plan to help you start healing and find peace. She’s served patients in Middle Georgia since 2007 and is a leader in the Georgia psychiatric community.

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Therapy Options

Macon Psychiatry offers a number of therapy options according to your needs. Some of these treatments include:

Child Therapy

Our children’s therapy is designed to help children and adolescents dealing with mental, emotional, or social problems. You can learn more about our child and adolescent services here.

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBIT)

CBIT is a specialized therapy designed to treat people with tics. This therapy teaches patients to become aware of their tics and behavior, then change how they behave. This therapy is particularly helpful for patients dealing with Tourette Syndrome.

Couples Therapy

Couples and relationship therapy can help patients resolve issues in a marriage or partnership. It’s a place to be honest about each other’s thoughts, actions, and emotions. This therapy can help couples grow and strengthen bonds with one another.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy helps strengthen self-awareness to understand the influence of subconscious behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Uncovering these subconscious or suppressed emotions can help you gain control of behaviors.


Also called talk therapy, psychotherapy helps patients discover destructive behavioral and thought patterns to overcome their problems, anxiety, depression, and more. This type of therapy is helpful for people struggling with a variety of mental health issues or conditions.

Our Psychiatric Specializations

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